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Hi!  I'm Kaedy

What are you creating today?

What I love

All things creating!  I'll try almost anything.  

My first love was sewing.  I started working with my mom in the sewing room at age 5.  In college I taught and worked in the costume shop for the theatre department.  Now I teach lessons and work for Husqavarna Viking selling their awesome sewing machines!

I have picked up paper crafting with my mother in law and her sister.  They're the ones that broke me out of having to make things 'perfect'.  Now I'm learning to have fun and preserve memories without having to check a ruler every five seconds.

I'm also a HUGE Discworld fan girl.  GNU Terry Pratchett.

What I'm doing right now

I currently work at the Husqavarna Viking in The Woodlands, TX.  I LOVE being on the cutting edge of sewing technology.  I also get to teach owner's classes there... probably my favorite part of the job other than my awesome team!

I also volunteer for the Job Search Work Team ministry hosted by The Woodlands church.  We support people in their journey to find their dream jobs.

What I'm looking forward to

I'm SOOOO close to 175 followers on YouTube.  Want to help me reach my goal?  Click HERE